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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

The Need of Change

Why have a Blueprint?

We have all witnessed the growing social unrest, economic stagnation and the insecurity that future generations face in terms of jobs, essential social services and even just meeting 
their basic needs.
The Alliance, in the Blueprint for the Co-operative Decade, has identified the following key issues facing society; issues which co-operatives can help to address:
  • Environmental degradation and resource depletion.
  • An unstable financial sector and increasing income inequality.
  • A growing global governance gap.
  • A seemingly disenfranchised younger generation.


Since 2008 the world has been caught up in financial turmoil, from which there is no apparent exit. Not only that, but developing economies have also not been able to fight some of their most 
pressing problems like poverty and hunger.


Why are co-operatives going to help the global economy climb out of this worldwide financial crisis?

  • Co-operatives bring economic resources under democratic control, and they do so uniquely among corporate governance structures; there are no other business models which do this.
  • The co-operative model is a commercially efficient and effective way of doing business that accounts for a wider range of human needs, time horizons and values in decision-making. 
  • Co-operatives have the advantage of being able to work effectively on both a very small, and on a very large scale.
  • The co-operative movement is worldwide, providing millions of jobs around the globe. 
  • Co-operative institutions create long-term security; they are sustainable, long-lasting and successful.


Implementing the co-operative decade strategy

This is a strategy which the Alliance cannot take forward on its own. The Alliance certainly has its own role to play, and has every intention of rising to the challenges presented. But for this Blueprint to be meaningful and effective, it needs to be taken up and endorsed by national bodies, by individual societies, and by all people who believe in the co-operative way of doing business. All of us have to rise to the 2020 Challenge.  Bold initiatives and clear implementation plans must be developed to meet the 2020 Challenge, and that will need to follow in the months and years ahead.