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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

Blueprint Themes

To pursue the 2020 Vision, the Blueprint strategy involves concentrating on 5 interlinked themes, and establishing implementation strategies in relation to each of them.  The overarching agenda for for the ICA, its members and the co-operative sector generally is laid out here:

  1. Elevate particiation within membership and governance to a new level
  2. Position co-operatives as builders of sustainability
  3. Build the co-operative message and secure the co-operative identity
  4. Ensure supportive legal frameworks for co-operative growth
  5. Secure reliable co-operative capital while guaranteeing member control

Each of the relevant chapters of the Blueprint document concludes with some possible and indicative actions that might be taken, in pursuit of these goals.  

Read the Final Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade in EnglishFrenchKorean and Spanish and a summary version in Greek.