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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

Aims & Goals

What is the Blueprint intended to do?

The Blueprint is a plan for the global co-operative movement spanning the decade we are in. It outlines a strategic agenda for the co-operative sector led by the International Co-operative Alliance (the Alliance) and it follows up this five-pointplan with individual strategies.
It aims to:

1. Elevate participation within membership and governance to a new level.
2. Position co-operatives as builders of sustainability.
3. Build the co-operative message and secure the co-operative identity.
4. Ensure supportive legal frameworks for co-operative growth.
5. Secure reliable co-operative capital while guaranteeing member control.

What are the main goals of this co-operative decade strategy?

This strategy intends to take the co-operative way of doing business to a new level. At the heart of this blueprint is the "2020 challenge" which is that by 2020, 
co-operatives will become:
  • The acknowledged leader in economic, social and environmental sustainability.
  • The business model preferred by people.
  • The fastest growing form of enterprise.