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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation


ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

 A brief overview
This committee has its origins established from the 2000-2004. In this time period a factual and working model for the committee was formed and recognized by the task force. During this period, rules, regulation and guide lines were developed in order to have a structure of this committee. The pioneers of this committee were as follows that made this committee to stand its ground:-

  1. Mr. Yoshimitsu Nakamura , ICA-AP
  2.  Mr. Tao Say Hong, SNCF, Singapore   
  3.  Mr. Ilham Nasai, DEKOPIN< Indonesia
  4.  Mr. Ashan Ali Thakur, KCHSU, Pakistan
  5.  Ms. Noor Azlinn, ANGKASA, Malaysia

Objective of the ICA Asia and Pacific Committee on Youth Co-operation:

Objective of this committee is to promote co-operative under the supervision and direction of the committee as stated in the constitution Article 3 which are as follows

1.Strengthen and encourage better cooperation through exchange of visit, knowledge and know-how and activities among youth in cooperatives;

2.Encourage youth to become active members, employees and leaders of Cooperatives and to help them learn participatory democracy;

3.Strengthen business activities of Cooperatives by youth through member education/promotion, member participation, joint business activities, etc.;
Help promote and develop cooperative movement, community and environment;

4.Provide linkages and networking with cooperatives at all levels (i.e. local, national, regional and global); and

5.Promote the inclusion of youth into the mainstream of the cooperative organization via youth representation in the local, national, regional and global level.


In 2006 the Committee came into existence with its first physical meeting. Back then it was mentioned as ICA Committee on Youth in Asia Pacific and now, after an amendment moved in 2013, it is termed as "ICA-AP Committee on Youth Cooperation" or the ICYC as mentioned in its Constitution

Formulization of physical and online meetings:

We have conducted the following meeting on these locations:-

1st Annual Meeting  2007- Singapore

2nd Annual Meeting: 2008: Hanoi, Vietnam

3rd Annual Meeting : 2009, Singapore

4th Annual Meeting: 2010 , Beijing, China

1st electronic Meeting: 2011, New Delhi, India

Regional Workshop: 2011, Kannur, India

2nd Electronic Meeting: 2012, Singapore

5th Annual Meeting: 2012 - Kobe, Japan

6th Annual Meeting 2013 - Buldana, India

3rd Electronic Meeting 2013 - New Delhi , India

4th Electronic Meeting 2014 -  Buldana, India

5th Electronic Meeting 2014 - Buldana, India

7th Annual Meeting 2014 - Bali, Indonesia

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