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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

2nd Cooperative Congress Nepal: Youth and Gender

Written by Ahsan Ali Thakur | HR & Communication Manager KCHS Union Ltd./Chairperson ICYC Pakistan, 2018-04-30 10:07:11

In the session Om Devi Malla, talked about categorizing the population and differentiating youth so that there can be focused on their needs. Youth program are gender friendly programs therefore a budget should be assigned for it.

In terms of Youth, they are like a spinal cord. Youth definition varies from country to country and organization to organization. Nepal age bracket is 16-40 years of age. Youth does not only mean men it also includes women as well. The youth population is 40.3% of the total population. Youth are a massive majority of the population yet they are not given the appropriate knowledge about there surrounding; For example the If the young people wish to travel somewhere using the airplane medium, they are extorted because they are unaware of the procedure of how to apply for visa or traveling to an abroad destination. Therefore they are cheated. The point is there is a lot work being done by our youth and they are not recognized for it.

In Lalith Pur, I was invited for the badminton program and this is what is required to have such coop program. They are trying to involve youth in the coop activities through sports. In India they have course for the primary level. I like to have the same thing in Nepal at the Primary Cooperative.

Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur is the Leader of ICA-AP COmmittee on Youth Cooperation and he represents the Youth Directly in the Board of ICA AP and there are similar such systems and examples where youth are given opportunity to lead. I want our youth to step up as well.


There are lots of youth related programs and some needs’ to be implemented; Youth Fund for the Youth Establishment; Strategy-research and investigation for the cooperative development, it needs’ expert, therefore facts and figures need to be collected and developed coop youth program.


In order to make these program success, we need to lobby around this, fortunately we have a few minister that support our ideals.


We our doing our part but it's not all our responsibility. Youth have a lot of responsibility and have longer lives and youth needs to know that working in the cooperative way can create sustainability. Youth must be taught in terms of technologies, technologies needs to be incorporated in the daily teach for example; In agriculture this can be done to replace traditional way and incorporate new members. Youth needs capacity to lead, which they already do, the capacity to lead and this needs to be identified in the given population sample.Youth again does not only mean men, it also mean women as well. Therefore, the statistics needs to be identified and I request all the organization here to work on the statistics for the development of this country and our youth

Chaired by: Dr. Bharat Pradhan - Former Minister, Nepal Government & Advisor, NCF/N


Speaker: Om Devi Malla - Vice Chairperson of NCF/N & Global Board Member of ICA