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Youhana Tamara Yunsia

Credit Union Keling Kumang, (Representative) National Fedration of People-Based Enterprses Cooperative (INKUR)

General Info:

Yohana Tamara Yunisa is having more skills related to Cooperative under Keling Kumang Credit Union in Indonesia since 2015. Her father is a founder of Keling Kumang Credit Union that has been established for 27 years. She is the 2nd generation in the cooperative movement under Keling Kumang Credit Union. She has actively been involved in cooperative after graduating from her master degree, majoring in Entrepreneurship in University of Liverpool, England. She has  extensive experience in analysing data, understanding of creating a business plan, and work based on target. Her experience included managing K-52 consumer cooperative, monitoring and evaluating all business units under the holding cooperative (Keling Kumang Group), established networking and partnership with external parties, and her recent activities include leading an agriculture project specialty in cacao for cooperative members in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. In addition, she is also working with National Federation of People-Based Enterprises Co-operative (INKUR Federation) as an international relationship staff. Her soft skills have led her to be a good negotiator and a professional worker who is able to manage a business with a dynamic working environment. Other than that, She often becomes a speaker for a few events in the universities for entrepreneurship."



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