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Written by Shree Padmanabhan, 2018-08-01 08:33:12

On the occasion of international Day of Co-operatives (July 7, 2018) ICYC celebrated by initiating “Go Green campaign” launched by Ahsan Ali Thakur, to support United Nation Sustainable Development Goals- Goal 13 which is on Climate Action. ICYC members from Nepal, Palestine, UAE, and Pakistan supported the campaign and promoted #SDG13 #fightingclimatechange 

Following are few contribution from our member countries:

Country - Nepal

Organisation - NACCFL

Go Green: A concept that was initiated by ICYC not only to support UN-Sustainable Development Goals but also to save our planet for our future generations. From a single individual, community, nation and whole world should take efforts to save the planet.

There are piles of reasons for going green. To save earth; our living place, we should preserve and plant trees. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle; the 3R concept can primarily be the initiative to be taken for the environmental protection. In current times, people are requested to reduce the consumption of lights; reuse the bottles & cans and recycle papers. Why are we doing these activities? The only reason behind it is to protect our earth from being degraded.

Apart from this, there are various sorts of things that people can do for saving earth. For an instant, one can buy the locally grown products or say organic products, use the appropriate appliances that can contribute in saving the earth. This simple initiative can successfully lead to the accomplishment of go green campaign. Apart from co-operative sectors, there are people from different sectors, societies who are equally contributing in the protection of environment seeking the innovative and creative initiatives that could be mingled with their primary activities

"Go Green” has been started as the regional campaign and globally environmental protection has been also recognized by United Nation as its Sustainable Goal 13. So, let us plant any natural green, which provides oxygen and/or may provide shades to the environment in the future in our house, community, city or company. We will be sustaining a future for the benefit of our own community and for the future of our Country.

Country - Nepal

Organisation - Media Varation Creation (Non-Co-operative)

four month back, I met Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur, the Chairperson of International Cooperative Alliance - Asia & Pacific Committee on Youth Cooperation (ICYC) and the Vice President of ICA - Youth Network, at the second edition of International Cooperative Congress organized by National Cooperative Federation of Nepal held at Hotel Soaltee. In the conference, Mr. Thakur represented Pakistan and I, in capacity of treasurer of Cooperative Journalist Society of Nepal (CJN) participated in the program. I was assigned to take short interviews of the leading participants from different countries to present their views in the bulletin that was published during the conference. Here is the small view of how we met.

As the time passed, one day, he shared about 7th July which is important for cooperators as the day marks International Cooperative Day. He shared his view on why that day was important also for him. He came up with his plan entitled 'Go Green Campaign' for all concerned with cooperative movement across the world. He shared me about his campaign and he requested me to succeed this campaign in Nepal. He convinced me, why we should do this campaign in our country.

All the countries thriving for development are producing carbon dioxide. So, ozone layer is depleting day by day, which has reduced the apparent distance between the earth and the sun, and that is so alarming. Underdeveloped countries also suffer the problem, though which is not the outcome of their action at large.

He also said, “This campaign is not bounded by planting a trees at a huge scale, this campaign is about planting a tree in our homes, houses, parks, libraries, hospitals, schools and where ever you can think of, your country is your oyster. If you plant the tree, it can help you fight against the climate change.” Therefore, we should plant more trees. He motivated me through which I was inspired.

In this view, the cooperative are business that are doing their part in building the community & societies and that ‘Go Green Campaign’ was targeted for society, nation and across the world. Therefore, you can start from the International Cooperative Day that fall in 7th July every year. I was convinced by his words and shared his view with my friends Basant Aryal, Shiva Dhital and Subash Niraula, all of whom are media persons.   

Hence, since 7th July this year, we have started the campaign named 'Go Green Kathmandu.' So far, we have planted 20 trees in the UN Park located at the bank of Bagmati River. Now, we are transformed the initiative as ‘Go Green City.’ With strong commitment, we finally have gained success in establishing the move as a campaign for future.

Country - Nepal

Organisation - Nepal Multipurpose Cooperative (NMC) 

Nepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.(NMC-COOP),celebrated International Day of Cooperative  2018 with Go Green campaign in Bahundangi office. We are very happy to celebrate this cooperative day in a distinctive way. This event is a showcase work towards UN-SDGs 2030. We feel that youth are the prospective leader for upcoming co-operative model and they must understand the coop society from the earlier stage of life. Youth are always future prospect for the sustainable development. Therefore their participation is essential in all activities. We stimulate youth to celebrate the International  Day of Cooperatives  2018. We are grateful to Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur, Chairperson of ICYC for initiating the Go-Green campaign and to involving us to support it.


Country - Pakistan

Organisation - Karachi Co-operative Housing Societies Ltd.

Trees are know to provide a cooling effect and shade to the people and varies benefits. People need to think before planting the trees, as it requires water and suitable place to grow also temperature of the city needs to be in consideration as well. Recent reports as highlighted in media, have show that it is infested with a plant that is not suitable to the requirements of the city, a plant name Corynocarpus. Corynocarpus, it is a plant that requires less water and can easily grow anywhere in the city. Unfortunately, it is know to create allergies in human and the growing pattern is sweeping the ground and disturbing the sewerage system through its roots system. Thus rendering useless for the people of Karachi.
Instead to planting any tree, it is recommend from a environmental friendly plants perspective. A few names are; Neem Tree, Red Almond Trees, Syzygium cumini, Legumin tree, etc.
Some of these trees have the potential to grown in less time than others and does not require a lot of water. Plant trees to say the future. Planting sensibly is what is require.

Karachi Co-operative Housing Societies Union Ltd.

On the, International Day of Cooperative, 7th July 2018. Karachi Cooperative Housing Societies with the Staff and Citizens of Pakistan contributed to serve the city by fighting climate change and to combat the Heat wave that haunted the lives of resident of Karachi, This year there was high temperature of above 40 C that took the live of the citizens in Karachi due to dehydration. Karachi is one of the cosmopolitan cities of the country Pakistan, it is one of the hub for economic activities in the country that desperately yearning for green in its environment.

Therefore it was decided to celebrate of International Cooperative Day and also to become a part of SDG - 13 Climate Action by planting trees and flowers in the premises of the company where water is plenty and enough place for plants to grow and becoming the part of ‘Go Green Karachi. Spreading awareness about cooperative is the main idea and planting trees is the goals that cooperative play a vital part in conserving the environment and work to plant the trees where it has been consumed for the development of the city. 
One of our citizen contributors mentioned, “This is for our city, it's a small contribution from my end  but its my contribution as a citizen.” Another said, “As a citizen, if we won’t invest in Green Gold, then who will.”
People have strange power to make the impossible happen, once again, the staff and citizen showed that Self Help and Unity exist for our city and country to prosper.

C.P. & Berar High School for Girls

It is one of the cooperative schools that is located in Karachi and has its own board members to run the affairs of the school. It is providing the community member a reasonable fee and better education as compared to the private schools. Once the idea of the ‘Go Green Karachi’ was share it was accepted and appreciated by Madam Naila Habib the School Principal and to implement by planting flowers in there school premises. They were intrigued to learn about the International Cooperative Day and what was SDG - 13 was all about. They immediately agreed to the idea of the Campaign in order to place their contribution for planting a few plants in the premises through the collaboration of the teachers.

Country - Philippines
Organisation - NATCCO 

Look around your surroundings. Tell me what you see. You can’t because all you see is garbage everywhere and this creates all kinds of pollution to our Mother Earth. We were given the responsibility to take care of nature and all we do is destroy it. We can’t do anything if nature itself makes us pay the price of our irresponsibility. This will cost us the destruction of our properties or worse our lives. This is the raging storm brought by the nature to pay our debts. 

As a youth, who are the future of our generation plays a vital role in our society and the coop’s future branding. Even if we are young, we’re responsible and can be the source of change for the better. We are not just for a display for the sake of being nothing in the modern society. Youth can make a significant and outstanding action for the 21st century society. We, the aspiring youths, never back down to any problems as long as we uphold our dreams to make it a reality and serves as an inspiration to other young people. That is an immense impact we, the millennial wanted and hoped to develop. 

We created a big step ahead in doing a great deed for the environment. With these environmental issues and problems are rising each and everyday and one of the major cause of the earth’s destruction especially in the environmental, economic, and health concern trends is the Global Warming. Last July 07, 2018 at Maasin Watershed Forest Reserve (MWFR) in Barangay Daja, Maasin, Iloilo under the Province of Iloilo through the Provincial Government Environment and Natural Resources Office (PGENRO) conducted a Tree Planting Activity participated by hundreds of participants from different sectors of the government, students, teachers and employees from various places in the province of Iloilo to be as one in the action for the help of our environment. In line with the celebration of International Day of Cooperatives, the Iloilo  City Public School Teachers and Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ICPSTE-MPC) Laboratory Cooperative Staffs and Youth Officers and the Multiple Intelligence Sequence and the High School for the Gifted students and teachers of SPED-Integrated School For Exceptional Children spearheaded the said activity by Ronah Marie Kristine Funtilon Nillos, the chairperson of the ICPSTE-MPC Lab-Coop and the NATCCO Youth Representative to join the celebration of Philippine Environment Month 2018 with this year’s theme “Beat Plastic Pollution” to support for the action for Re-greening and Transformation for Climate Change Adaption (ART-CCA). 

Youth can help reduce waste by giving appropriate attention to small details in their lives via planting and growing a tree, it can contribute to the environment by providing much oxygen, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil and supporting the habitat of wildlife. Protecting the environment starts within each and everyone  of US. You and I, we can make a better change for the world.

Country - Thailand

Organisation - Individual

Go Green Bangkok

The power of people is the core to the cooperative movement and when individual's come's up together for the similar purpose it brings up the cooperative sprite of pure and utmost category. In Thailand, 3 individuals from different fields and knowledge worked on something bigger than themselves to promote the Go Green Campaign, through this campaign spreading awareness of Coopertive Identify. Planting 2 trees in each on their designated location. All of them somehow are aware of the cooperative importance and what it can do for the community. As a proud citizen, there contribution is most appreciated it.

According to Ms. Garn PJ "I planted the tree in my office and I went to plant a tree as I wanted to be part of the program and to save environment."

Mr. Kung, He was a former manager of Navy Saving Cooperative, now, he is a farmer and Ms. Rumon Kongnoi, Training Officer from Cooperative League of Thailand. Planted a tree to preserve a life of earth, it is there way of contributing to the mother earth.

It’s the heartwarming contribution of the citizen that makes it community grown and the nation a greater asset.

People makes community and community makes the cooperative. 

Country - Palestine

Organisation - ESDC


On the International Day of Cooperatives July 7, 2018 for sustainable Consumption and production, and combating climate action, Ms. Doaa Nasser and Ms. Aisha Salem participated from the ESDC #Palestine. (GO GREEN) through the cultivation of some trees (berries, grapes, olives, etc.) in their respective gardens, where tree planting contributes significantly to achieving sustainable development goals, SDG12 & 13, which deals  Consumption and production, and combating climate action.

We hope that our participation in the GO GREEN campaign to plant some trees is a positive step to encourage the members of the community to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable green environment in Palestine.

Although Palestine has a wide agricultural environment and a geographical nature that enables it to diversify in varieties of plantations, it suffers from a continuous decline in the area of ​​agricultural land and shrinking green area.

 The State of Palestine is considered a special case, unlike the rest of the world. The limited number of trees and plantations in the areas is not only due to the urbanization of the community, However, the main reason for this is the Israeli occupation of Palestinians and their land, which involves confiscating large areas of land and preventing access to them, bulldozing them, building Israeli settlements and burning trees and crops. The construction of the Apartheid Wall also prevented citizens from reaching their lands for cultivation and care.

 Therefore, we in Palestine seek to continue the practice of agriculture and encourage all members of society to agriculture and preservation of the environment and the presence of land with the Palestinians in addition to the many benefits of agriculture to citizens in terms of consumption and production and improve individual income and reduce unemployment and improve the climate.

Palestine, like other countries in the world, seeks to achieve the goals and indicators of sustainable development SDGs adopted by the United Nations. In addition to achieving the goal of SDG 12 for consumption and production, agriculture in Palestine contributes to improving individual income, reducing unemployment, promoting the economy of society and the environment, and improving the quality of life of individuals in the future, thus reducing poverty and increasing welfare. SDG13 aims to combat climatic change. It serves as a link between the individual and the land. It seeks to increase the citizen's attachment to the land and prevent the Israeli occupation from confiscating or seizing it.

Country - Indonesia

Organisation - Koperasi Kopma UGM

Koperasi “Kopma UGM” is a student co-operative located in Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Established at 1982, Koperasi “Kopma UGM” has received many awards from regional and national level. The unique fact about our co-operative is even though we are listed as one of the student activity unit, we are also registered as business entity. It is very challenging since we have to find a middle to accommodate campus’ policy along with government’s policy.

Koperasi “Kopma UGM’s  elements divided into top management, members, and employes whom have their own roles in co-operative itself. We have several business pillars running: retails, convection, cafeteria, mail and shipping services, laundry, photocopy and printing. For the dynamics of members, we have one specific division dealing with member activities. To accommodate member’s passion, there are groups and communities that offers activities such as sports, discussion, upgrading, workshop, training, and the list keeps going.

As for participation in local and national co-operative movement organization, we send delegates to Yogyakarta Student Co-operative Association and Indonesia Student Co-operative Communication Forum. We also participated in event held by ICA by sending delegates for youth summit or general assembly. This year, we contributed in Go Green Campaign organized by ICA Asia-Pacific as a support to #SDG13. This campaign was done to celebrate International Co-operative Day on the 1st Saturday of July. Planting tree or flower was advised to help combating climate change and minimalize the negative impacts of global warming.

This Go Green Campaign was started by mapping the area that were going to be planted. Then, we decided to use the empty spot around the building. For the area next to the building was for flowers, and the area outside the gate was for trees. We planted two mangos trees, two mahoganies trees, and one orange tree. We also planted around 19 new flowers and relocated old flowers into 3 pots. This action was a form of cooperation done by top managements, alumni, and employees. We proceeded to clean up and prepare the area for plantation at 7.30am (UTC +07.00). There were several groups working on different areas in order to save the time. It was around 10am we already finished. Our environment looks more colorful with many flowers planted and greener with the trees.

We support this campaign and encourage dear fellow cooperators worldwide to stand with us and join the movement. By planting a tree or flowers and keeping them alive, we already contribute to the better environment in the future. We cannot sit back and do nothing as the environment is getting worse as a result of humankind’s activities. It is our responsibility to preserve this planet for the next generation. Let’s remember the 7th co-operative principles mentioned in International Co-operative Identity Statement (ICIS): concern for community as a motivation base to engage into Go Green Movement. This earth is the only place we could live on, it does not hurt to take care of it, doesn’t it?

Country - UAE

Organisation - Sharjah Cooperative Society (Co-operative)

As a Celebration of the International Day of Cooperatives in UAE. Sharjah Cooperative Society, in collaboration with the Cooperative Department of the Ministry of Economy, organized a tree planting initiative to promote a culture of environmental protection. To make it a green environment and to fight the Climate change. Sharjah Cooperative Society was chosen to host this a great event, as it is a member of ICA.


This initiative was attended by


Mr. Said Mubarak, Director of Cooperative Department, Ministry of Economy. Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur, Chairperson – ICYC. With Attendance of the administrative committee of the program of Youth Cooperation Ambassadors in UAE. The aim of this initiative is to emphasize the role played by cooperatives in achieving the sustainable development goals in accordance with the Seventh Principle of Cooperative (Concern of community affairs). The Ministry of Economy participated in this green event through the Youth Cooperation Ambassadors program of the Cooperative Department in order to enhance the role of youth in cooperative community.

The event program.


The event started with the planting of the tree after that a meeting was held between the administrative committee and Mr. Ahsan Chairperson – ICYC. He talked about the International Cooperative Alliance and its achievements, objectives and his future vision. The meeting also witnessed a discussion session held by Mr. Esam Al Amran, in which he discussed the concept of cooperatives and their objectives and principles. In addition, the significant role of cooperatives in supporting society in times of crisis. After that the administrative committee (Youth Cooperation Ambassadors program. UAE) held a brainstorming session to discuss the ways to develop, promote and enhance cooperative work among the community.


The event ended with lunch and some pictures to commemorate the International Day of Cooperatives Youth Cooperation Ambassadors program. UAE


Introduction to the program:

Youth Cooperation Ambassadors program 

 Aims to build a voluntary base of young people who are qualified to spread and strengthen the cooperative movement in the country

through qualifying and importing the knowledge, skills and values necessary in the field of cooperative. The program implements the self-management approach of its members. This will include many successful ways and means to achieve the program objectives such as effective communication, teamwork, and brainstorming sessions.

The program will also include a series of workshops and meetings with Pioneers of the cooperative movement as well as field visits to a successful cooperative experiences.

The Youth Ambassadors program was launched in 2010. The program is an annual forum for the students participating in Ajyal cooperative Initiative to exchange knowledge and experience among cooperatives student themselves and real cooperatives. In 2017, improvements were made to the program. Youth people between ages of 18-35 were added to the program to support the establishment of the cooperative movement.

We have also established a working team to be a future supporter and to spread the awareness of cooperative work.