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Go Green Sharajah UAE

Written by Samar Ahmad | Youth Ambassador - Cooperation Committee, 2018-07-31 08:54:40

As a Celebration of the International Day of Cooperatives in UAE.

Sharjah Cooperative Society, in collaboration with the Cooperative Department of the Ministry of Economy, organized a tree planting initiative to promote a culture of environmental protection. To make it a green environment and to fight the Climate change.

Sharjah Cooperative Society was chosen to host this a great event, as it is a member of ICA.


•   This initiative was attended by


Mr. Said Mubarak, Director of Cooperative Department, Ministry of Economy.

Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur, Chairperson – ICYC.

With Attendance of the administrative committee of the program of Youth Cooperation Ambassadors in UAE.

The aim of this initiative is to emphasize the role played by cooperatives in achieving the sustainable development goals in accordance with the Seventh Principle of Cooperative (Concern of community affairs).

The Ministry of Economy participated in this green event through the Youth Cooperation Ambassadors program of the Cooperative Department in order to enhance the role of youth in cooperative community.


•   The event program.


The event started with the planting of the tree after that a meeting was held between the administrative committee and Mr. Ahsan Chairperson – ICYC.

He talked about the International Cooperative Alliance and its achievements, objectives and his future vision. The meeting also witnessed a discussion session held by Mr. Esam Al Amran, in which he discussed the concept of cooperatives and their objectives and principles. In addition, the significant role of cooperatives in supporting society in times of crisis.

After that the administrative committee (Youth Cooperation Ambassadors program, UAE) held a brainstorming session to discuss the ways to develop, promote and enhance cooperative work among the community.


The event ended with lunch and some pictures to commemorate the International Day of Cooperatives

Youth Cooperation Ambassadors program. UAE


Introduction to the program:


•     Youth Cooperation Ambassadors program 

Aims to build a voluntary base of young people who are qualified to spread and strengthen the cooperative movement in the country

through qualifying and importing the knowledge, skills and values necessary in the field of cooperative.

The program implements the self-management approach of its members. This will include many successful ways and means to achieve the program objectives such as effective communication, teamwork, and brainstorming sessions.

•     The program will also include a series of workshops and meetings with Pioneers of the cooperative movement as well as field visits to a successful cooperative experiences.

•     The Youth Ambassadors program was launched in 2010. The program is an annual forum for the students participating in Ajyal cooperative Initiative to exchange knowledge and experience among cooperatives student themselves and real cooperatives. In 2017, improvements were made to the program. Youth people between ages of 18-35 were added to the program to support the establishment of the cooperative movement.

We have also established a working team to be a future supporter and to spread the awareness of cooperative work.

Samar Ahmad completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Zagazig university in Egypt and her major was Arts of English language. She has serviced the Emirates cooperative since 2014 in the public relation department, she has managed the students summer camp in her cooperative since 2016. In 2017, she became significant member in the youth ambassador's cooperation committee. Her vision is to spread cooperative identity to youth community and help them to start up the new sort of Cooperatives that provide what the youth community are needs.