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Go Green Bangkok - Thailand

Written by Ahsan Ali Thakur | HR & Communication Manager KCHS Union Ltd./Chairperson ICYC , 2018-07-31 08:11:15

The power of people is the core to the cooperative movement and when individual's come's up together for the similar purpose it brings up the cooperative sprite of pure and utmost category. In Thailand, 3 individuals from different fields and knowledge worked on something bigger than themselves to promote the Go Green Campaign, through this campaign spreading awareness of Coopertive Identify. Planting 2 trees in each on their designated location. All of them somehow are aware of the cooperative importance and what it can do for the community. As a proud citizen, there contribution is most appreciated it.

According to Ms. Garn PJ "I went to plant a tree as I wanted to be part of the program and to save the world."

Mr. Kung, He was a former manager of Navy Saving Cooperative, now, he is a farmer and Ms. Rumon Kongnoi, Training Officer from Cooperative League of Thailand. Planted a tree to preserve a life of earth, it is there way of contributing to the mother earth.

It’s the heartwarming contribution of the citizen that makes it community grown and the nation a greater asset.

People makes community and community makes the coopeartive.