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Drop of Blood and Youth COOP - Nepal

Written by Santosh Khanal - Arvottam Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited, Kathmandu - Nepal, 2018-07-31 07:05:16

The blood donation camp was organized on Saturday, June 2, 2018, at Sarvottam SACCOS, with the help of Nepal Red Cross society. It began at around 9 am and continued up to 1 pm, with a steady stream of donors throughout. The corridor of the first floor of the coop was buzzing with youngsters chatting with each other, happy to be able to play their part in lending a helping hand to people in the region.

We just don’t need special reasons for donating blood, we just need our own reasons which can be one following reason below: -

  • Some of us donated blood because it is requested or refereed by a friend.

  • Some know that a family member or a friend might need blood someday.

  • Some believe it is the right thing to do.

Whatever is your reason there is a need for constant contribution for a healthy and reliable blood supply. When a person willingly draws his blood and it is used for transfusion, it is known as blood donation. Blood bank often participates in the collection process to test out the donor to be safely used by other patients if need be. Donors are check for the following aspects for the safety of the donors as well as recipient:-

  • Pulse

  • Blood pressure

  • Body temperature


Donations - the only way of obtaining blood. Although Medical and Technological advancements have been accomplished in different fields, it is inaccurately pointed that blood can currently be manufactured artificially but the reality is contrary and the only source is blood donation preserved in blood banks. In developed countries donors are volunteers who donate for their community and whereas in developing countries people donate only when their family and friends need it. It came to light, some of donors have fear of needle that is why they faint otherwise donating is very safe. The prospective donors are being checked that blood is safe for use. Specialist medical staffs are available at all times during the donation drive making it safe and painless procedure for the donors.

One of the rooms was utilized for a thorough medical check-up of potential donors, as well as the donation itself, while in another hall, where donors could lie down and recuperate for a while before they leave venue. They were provided with glucose water and food including biscuits, a banana and a cake. It was great to see more people than pre-registration numbers turning up in the venue. This stretched the capacity of the blood bank, as a result of which the contact details of the donors were taken so as to allow them to donate at the earliest to the blood bank. The blood bank asked for 40 units with higher number of A+ blood group. Seeing the enthusiasm, they collected around 12 percent more, that is 45 units.

The samples were carefully sealed and transported away, while the volunteers and coop staff helped in the clean-up of the area. Throughout the morning, there were smiles and laughter all around - a true embodiment of what we believe in - selfless service with a smile. The donors received certificate of recognition. They also get a credit card where one unit of blood is available free from Govt. Blood Bank in next one year. 
We thank Nepal Red Cross Society, Members and our valuable staffs for coming forward for this great cause.