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Go Green Karachi Pakistan

Written by Ahsan Ali Thakur | HR & Communication Manager KCHS Union Ltd./Chairperson ICYC Pakistan, 2018-07-30 12:06:44

Trees are know to provide a cooling effect and shade to the people and varies benefits. People need to think before planting the trees, as it requires water and suitable place to grow also temperature of the city needs to be in consideration as well. Recent reports as highlighted in media, have show that it is infested with a plant that is not suitable to the requirements of the city, a plant name Corynocarpus. Corynocarpus, it is a plant that requires less water and can easily grow anywhere in the city. Unfortunately, it is know to create allergies in human and the growing pattern is sweeping the ground and disturbing the sewerage system through its roots system. Thus rendering useless for the people of Karachi.
Instead to planting any tree, it is recommend from a environmental friendly plants perspective. A few names are; Neem Tree, Red Almond Trees, Syzygium cumini, Legumin tree, etc.
Some of these trees have the potential to grown in less time than others and does not require a lot of water. Plant trees to say the future. Planting sensibly is what is require.

Karachi Co-operative Housing Societies Union Ltd.

On the, International Day of Cooperative, 7th July 2018. Karachi Cooperative Housing Societies with the Staff and Citizens of Pakistan contributed to serve the city by fighting climate change and to combat the Heat wave that haunted the lives of resident of Karachi, This year there was high temperature of above 40 C that took the live of the citizens in Karachi due to dehydration. Karachi is one of the cosmopolitan cities of the country Pakistan, it is one of the hub for economic activities in the country that desperately yearning for green in its environment.

Therefore it was decided to celebrate of International Cooperative Day and also to become a part of SDG - 13 Climate Action by planting trees and flowers in the premises of the company where water is plenty and enough place for plants to grow and becoming the part of ‘Go Green Karachi. Spreading awareness about cooperative is the main idea and planting trees is the goals that cooperative play a vital part in conserving the environment and work to plant the trees where it has been consumed for the development of the city. 
One of our citizen contributors mentioned, “This is for our city, it's a small contribution from my end  but its my contribution as a citizen.” Another said, “As a citizen, if we won’t invest in Green Gold, then who will.”
People have strange power to make the impossible happen, once again, the staff and citizen showed that Self Help and Unity exist for our city and country to prosper.

C.P. & Berar High School for Girls

It is one of the cooperative schools that is located in Karachi and has its own board members to run the affairs of the school. It is providing the community member a reasonable fee and better education as compared to the private schools. Once the idea of the ‘Go Green Karachi’ was share it was accepted and appreciated by Madam Naila Habib the School Principal and to implement by planting flowers in there school premises. They were intrigued to learn about the International Cooperative Day and what was SDG - 13 was all about. They immediately agreed to the idea of the Campaign in order to place their contribution for planting a few plants in the premises through the collaboration of the teachers.