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Go Green - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Written by Ika Rizky Fauziah Abdullah | Head of Public Relation - Koperasi 'Kopma UGM', 2018-07-30 10:55:00

Koperasi “Kopma UGM” is a student co-operative located in Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Established at 1982, Koperasi “Kopma UGM” has received many awards from regional and national level. The unique fact about our co-operative is even though we are listed as one of the student activity unit, we are also registered as business entity. It is very challenging since we have to find a middle to accommodate campus’ policy along with government’s policy.

Koperasi “Kopma UGM’s  elements divided into top management, members, and employes whom have their own roles in co-operative itself. We have several business pillars running: retails, convection, cafeteria, mail and shipping services, laundry, photocopy and printing. For the dynamics of members, we have one specific division dealing with member activities. To accommodate member’s passion, there are groups and communities that offers activities such as sports, discussion, upgrading, workshop, training, and the list keeps going.

As for participation in local and national co-operative movement organization, we send delegates to Yogyakarta Student Co-operative Association and Indonesia Student Co-operative Communication Forum. We also participated in event held by ICA by sending delegates for youth summit or general assembly. This year, we contributed in Go Green Campaign organized by ICA Asia-Pacific as a support to #SDG13. This campaign was done to celebrate International Co-operative Day on the 1st Saturday of July. Planting tree or flower was advised to help combating climate change and minimalize the negative impacts of global warming.

This Go Green Campaign was started by mapping the area that were going to be planted. Then, we decided to use the empty spot around the building. For the area next to the building was for flowers, and the area outside the gate was for trees. We planted two mangos trees, two mahoganies trees, and one orange tree. We also planted around 19 new flowers and relocated old flowers into 3 pots. This action was a form of cooperation done by top managements, alumni, and employees. We proceeded to clean up and prepare the area for plantation at 7.30am (UTC +07.00). There were several groups working on different areas in order to save the time. It was around 10am we already finished. Our environment looks more colorful with many flowers planted and greener with the trees.

We support this campaign and encourage dear fellow cooperators worldwide to stand with us and join the movement. By planting a tree or flowers and keeping them alive, we already contribute to the better environment in the future. We cannot sit back and do nothing as the environment is getting worse as a result of humankind’s activities. It is our responsibility to preserve this planet for the next generation. Let’s remember the 7th co-operative principles mentioned in International Co-operative Identity Statement (ICIS): concern for community as a motivation base to engage into Go Green Movement. This earth is the only place we could live on, it does not hurt to take care of it, doesn’t it?