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Go Green Khatmandu - NACCFL

Written by Prama Shrestha | Admin Officer - NACCFL, 2018-07-29 11:05:35

Go Green: A concept that was initiated by ICYC not only to support UN-Sustainable Development Goals but also to save our planet for our future generations. From a single individual, community, nation and whole world should take efforts to save the planet.

There are piles of reasons for going green. To save earth; our living place, we should preserve and plant trees. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle; the 3R concept can primarily be the initiative to be taken for the environmental protection. In current times, people are requested to reduce the consumption of lights; reuse the bottles & cans and recycle papers. Why are we doing these activities? The only reason behind it is to protect our earth from being degraded.

Apart from this, there are various sorts of things that people can do for saving earth. For an instant, one can buy the locally grown products or say organic products, use the appropriate appliances that can contribute in saving the earth. This simple initiative can successfully lead to the accomplishment of go green campaign. Apart from co-operative sectors, there are people from different sectors, societies who are equally contributing in the protection of environment seeking the innovative and creative initiatives that could be mingled with their primary activities

"Go Green” has been started as the regional campaign and globally environmental protection has been also recognized by United Nation as its Sustainable Goal 13. So, let us plant any natural green, which provides oxygen and/or may provide shades to the environment in the future in our house, community, city or company. We will be sustaining a future for the benefit of our own community and for the future of our Country.