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Go Green Campaign - Media Varation Creation

Written by Sharmila Thakuri - , 2018-07-29 10:51:35

four month back, I met Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur, the Chairperson of International Cooperative Alliance - Asia & Pacific Committee on Youth Cooperation (ICYC) and the Vice President of ICA - Youth Network, at the second edition of International Cooperative Congress organized by National Cooperative Federation of Nepal held at Hotel Soaltee. In the conference, Mr. Thakur represented Pakistan and I, in capacity of treasurer of Cooperative Journalist Society of Nepal (CJN) participated in the program. I was assigned to take short interviews of the leading participants from different countries to present their views in the bulletin that was published during the conference. Here is the small view of how we met.

As the time passed, one day, he shared about 7th July which is important for cooperators as the day marks International Cooperative Day. He shared his view on why that day was important also for him. He came up with his plan entitled 'Go Green Campaign' for all concerned with cooperative movement across the world. He shared me about his campaign and he requested me to succeed this campaign in Nepal. He convinced me, why we should do this campaign in our country.

All the countries thriving for development are producing carbon dioxide. So, ozone layer is depleting day by day, which has reduced the apparent distance between the earth and the sun, and that is so alarming. Underdeveloped countries also suffer the problem, though which is not the outcome of their action at large.

He also said, “This campaign is not bounded by planting a trees at a huge scale, this campaign is about planting a tree in our homes, houses, parks, libraries, hospitals, schools and where ever you can think of, your country is your oyster. If you plant the tree, it can help you fight against the climate change.” Therefore, we should plant more trees. He motivated me through which I was inspired.

In this view, the cooperative are business that are doing their part in building the community & societies and that ‘Go Green Campaign’ was targeted for society, nation and across the world. Therefore, you can start from the International Cooperative Day that fall in 7th July every year. I was convinced by his words and shared his view with my friends Basant Aryal, Shiva Dhital and Subash Niraula, all of whom are media persons.   

Hence, since 7th July this year, we have started the campaign named 'Go Green Kathmandu.' So far, we have planted 20 trees in the UN Park located at the bank of Bagmati River. Now, we are transformed the initiative as ‘Go Green City.’ With strong commitment, we finally have gained success in establishing the move as a campaign for future.