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Go Green Palestine

Written by Doaa Nasser | Monitoring & Evaluation - ESDC, 2018-07-26 13:42:27


On the International Day of Cooperatives July 7, 2018 for sustainable Consumption and production, and combating climate action, Ms. Doaa Nasser and Ms. Aisha Salem participated from the ESDC #Palestine. (GO GREEN) through the cultivation of some trees (berries, grapes, olives, etc.) in their respective gardens, where tree planting contributes significantly to achieving sustainable development goals, SDG12 & 13, which deals  Consumption and production, and combating climate action.

We hope that our participation in the GO GREEN campaign to plant some trees is a positive step to encourage the members of the community to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable green environment in Palestine.

Although Palestine has a wide agricultural environment and a geographical nature that enables it to diversify in varieties of plantations, it suffers from a continuous decline in the area of ​​agricultural land and shrinking green area.

 The State of Palestine is considered a special case, unlike the rest of the world. The limited number of trees and plantations in the areas is not only due to the urbanization of the community, However, the main reason for this is the Israeli occupation of Palestinians and their land, which involves confiscating large areas of land and preventing access to them, bulldozing them, building Israeli settlements and burning trees and crops. The construction of the Apartheid Wall also prevented citizens from reaching their lands for cultivation and care.

 Therefore, we in Palestine seek to continue the practice of agriculture and encourage all members of society to agriculture and preservation of the environment and the presence of land with the Palestinians in addition to the many benefits of agriculture to citizens in terms of consumption and production and improve individual income and reduce unemployment and improve the climate.

Palestine, like other countries in the world, seeks to achieve the goals and indicators of sustainable development SDGs adopted by the United Nations. In addition to achieving the goal of SDG 12 for consumption and production, agriculture in Palestine contributes to improving individual income, reducing unemployment, promoting the economy of society and the environment, and improving the quality of life of individuals in the future, thus reducing poverty and increasing welfare. SDG13 aims to combat climatic change. It serves as a link between the individual and the land. It seeks to increase the citizen's attachment to the land and prevent the Israeli occupation from confiscating or seizing it.