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CSR: On My Birthday - Ahsan Ali Thakur Pakistan

Written by Ahsan Ali Thakur | HR & Communication Manager KCHS Union Ltd./Chairperson ICYC Pakistan, 2018-05-03 14:36:43

Mr. Punya Prasad Regmi is a former Chief Economic Advisor at Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal, had a chat with him, provided me with the idea of doing something meaningful on my birthday.

The idea is, on my birthday he told me that you could plant a tree and have a meaning of life when we age, it ages with us. I followed the idea and on my birthday in 2018, I donated 4 olive plants to a farmer in Pakistan with the condition that for the first harvest to donate all the money earned from the 4 olives harvest to go to the poor people. He agreed to the terms and his agreement
let to both our victory. Profit from the four harvest will be received for the food or shelter for the poor.

UN Strategic Development Goals (SDG’s) helped us to create that idea.
Our victory to fight climate change and reducing hunger is the target and we are achieving it in a very small step. But this is how world is Changed. I encourage all my friends, family, coworkers and colleagues from across the border to join hands to plant a tree and do it on your birthday. Add that meaning to your life. It's not just an individual's birthday it can be your Company day of inauguration or a special day that you or your loved ones share.

Keep planting and keep fighting climate change.