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Written by Kiran Kattel | Senior Assistant Designation- Account and Finance Department Assistant Organization- Nepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd. Jhapa Nepal, 2018-04-30 12:14:22

Youth is the stage of human life between childhood dependence to adulthood independence. Recently, youth are seen to be actively participating in uplifting their condition of co-operative sector. Hence, the relationship between Youth and Co-operatives is getting stronger. Involvement of youth in co-operative sectors has enhanced banking services including remittance facilities, investing in dairy sectors, bakery, hydro projects and agriculture sector that has helped in creating employment opportunities for so many youth, making them financially independent and simultaneously fostering nation's economy. Among all the concepts, Cooperatives have been implementing till date, creation of student saving clubs is the best way to make aware the youth to coordinate and move ahead.

Students these days have an opportunity to open their own savings account with Student Savings and plan for a better future. Student Saving account is designed for youth to develop saving habits and even more. Nepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society is one of the well-known cooperatives in eastern Nepal. It believes that there is need of Student saving club in school level. Student life just gets easier with Student Saving account. Not just banking but all parts of students' life. Being a part of this organization as an employee, I want to elaborate it in organizational perspective.


We offer specially designed student savings account introduced with the objective of developing banking habits amongst students. Nepal Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. (NMC-COOP) has organized lots of vital programs that focused on Students and we have plans for upcoming days as well. As per the latest record, there are twenty seven student saving clubs cooperatively running with our organization. 1835 students are actively participating in those clubs. We have organized programs like inter-school quiz, debate, speech, sports, and dance competitions to enhance student's abilities in all ways. It helps in building positive attitude and relationship among students, thus creating a learning environment (community), in which the diversity is valued.

This program has many vital benifits to the cooperative organization, involved students, school and the community. Some of the positive aspects are listed as follows:


Positive aspects (Strength\opportunities)


- Active Participation of students.

-Enhancement in socio-cultural activities.

-Development of saving habits among students.


-Financial awareness introduced in School level.

-Succeed in leadership development.

-Supportive to Future thrift.


-Entrepreneurial encouragement among students.

-Contribution in enlargement of organization's capital.


As every story has its positive and negative aspects, student saving club is not an exception. Through study, I came to find out the following negative aspects:


Negative aspects(Weakness\Threats)


-Addiction towards saving discourages students to spend even in basic food items which may consequently lead to malnutrition. -Disturbance in regular performance of schooling system. -Increment in expenditure Budget.


-Hurdle in involving lower-class group of students.


-Administrative ignorance in Private Schools.

-Convincing teachers and parents is time-consuming.

In context of Nepal, Youth are seen as immature and inexperienced and they are not listened to or trusted in such condition. Through several studies and inquiry with Students, result I found was totally miserable. There are chances of misguidance. So, students must be guided with proper plan and vision for the perfection in their life style. In conclusion, there is still a great need to hold their hands and work to overcome their weaknesses by working together in the cooperative way.