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Cooperation (Poem)

Written by Kiran Kattel | Senior Assistant Designation- Account and Finance Department Assistant Organization- Nepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd. Jhapa Nepal, 2018-04-30 11:45:08

As the world is a common home, and we all have equal right,

Right to develop ourselves, right for a common sight.

It's tough to walk alone; the path is not always painless

Co-operation if implemented the journey is full of happiness.


Cooperation is doing together to achieve a common goal,

Co-operators and the rest together can play a crucial role!

Working together to get something done is cooperative,

Functioning together with patience and affection is no doubt effective.



Joint effort increases strength, courage and enhance motivation

Obviously, two minds are always better than one!

New ideas and willingness if merged in a right proportion

Consequences be fruitful, efforts be a source of inspiration!


Nothing is impossible if we hold hands and move together,

Conduct programs via learning and sharing making people aware.

A drop is negligible while an ocean has power

And so our deposits and dreams if collectively utilized, we can flower!


Flower our garden, and make it a home to live

Eradicating poverty, feeling free to accept and give

With no havoc for development, ensuring peace and love

Let's dream and implement to make this place a wonderful globe!