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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

Meeting with the Cooperative Department (UAE)

Written by Ahsan Ali Thakur | HR & Communication Manager KCHS Union Ltd./Chairperson ICYC Pakistan, 2018-04-30 11:15:18

On April, 1st 2018, Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur, Chairperson of ICA - AP Committee on Youth Cooperation (ICYC) / Board Member of ICA - AP and HR & Communication Manager, KCHS Union Ltd. (Pakistan), visited the Ministry of Economy - Dubai Office, UAE.

He was received by Mr. Saeed Mubarak Bin Amro - Directors of Cooperative Department at Ministry of Economy and His team which consisted of the following members:-

- Mr. Ahmed Shrief, Head of Section Monitoring and Controller Cooperative Dept.

- Mr. Wali Al Khairi, Finance Controller Cooperative Dept.

- Mr. Muhammad Yusri, Finance Controller Cooperative Dept.

Ahsan Ali Thakur began with the introduction of the country of Pakistan and then moved to the facts and figures enlighten the audience about what and how the cooperative movement began. He also presented the book "Cooperation in Cooperative: Future Solution to Socio-Economic Problems" as memento and sharing of cooperative Knowledge.

The audience was further encouraged to ask questions on query they might have enabling for further clarification. Further discussion took place and sharing of ideas as well as prospects of UAE about cooperative development with its success stories.

Further on, all the individuals agreed that further discussion and knowledge sharing should be the way to move forward amongst the two countries.

In the end, Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur invited the audience to visit Pakistan for the Housing Cooperative Sharing Knowledge as well informing about the Youth Summit that is planned to happen in 2018, to further educate the youth about the cooperative in the fun loving manner.