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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

Putting People at the center of development

Written by Hamza Omar, 2018-01-17 10:50:33

The Palestine Agricultural Co-operatives Union is serious about taking steps to remove the stumbling blocks that have restricted fresh graduates from taking up gainful and decent employment. Mass unemployment among youths is one of the tragic phenomenon of Palestine. The burden of economic recession and rather volatile political situation have prompted this situation. Lack of capacities in the labour market have made the situation more difficult. According to official national statistics in Palestine, more than thirty-thousand young forces added-up annually to job's seekers. Of these escalating numbers, only ten-percent could find jobs. This leads to accumulate thousands of deprived people from source of income suites their ambitions. Having no experience record after graduation is the state of most young people. Subsequently, honing occupational skills become prerequisite to pass recruitment threshold for young people. Co-operative movement could represent good community incubators to absorb and foster those who are young and in need of employment. PACU is interested in building the system of community incubators that work for making business dreams come true! PACU has built a good reputation profile over large sector of farmers (It presently comprises of over 90 coops) ranging from whom working in plant production to animal husbandry including agribusinesses and multi-services based institutionalized entrepreneurships. For that virtue, PACU would be one of trusted partners in development to engage youth in the socio-economic fabric of the society. PACU has taken a lead initiative to make room for talented people to gain access to ideas and share theirs, to grow their potential careers with a support from senior staff. In this course, PACU has developed relations with national employment and development agencies. In Palestine, Taawon, the none-governmental organization, has launched a program in 2012 for youth employment called Youth Employment Services (YES). PACU keeps in touch with YES program for sourcing new candidates and young people for jobs in the co-operative sector. In last year, two young graduates (one male and one female) were hired to join PACU services delivery and to get hands-on experience with senior staff. Those two young people were on board for PACU projects for twelve months in total and this ended finally in signing fixed-employment contract. During this period, PACU and YES program used to pay equal share from salary slip of new employee. PACU has stressed on tailoring co-operatives entrepreneurs trainings by including the young generation as well developing quality co-operative education.