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Youth Resolution Approved by ICA General Assembly

Written by Admin, 2020-01-16 07:00:31

The Youth Network presented a resolution to the ICA General Assembly on 17 October 2019 to strengthen the ICA Youth Network. The resolution contained important highlights that are as follows:

  1. Reinforce the importance of the regional youth committees and their participation with a vote at the regional level in the ICA Boards;

  2. The introduction of the youth action plan in the general ICA Global Strategy;

  3. The allocation of resources to support the youth representatives to attend ICA official events and assuring a yearly in-person youth committee meeting;

  4. And, introducing different measures and tools to make the Global Youth Network more accessible.

This resolution was presented under the context of the reform of the ICA committees and was approved unanimously. It was also received with a standing ovation by the General Assembly.