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Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs Training

Written by admin, 2019-05-07 10:06:36

Participants from the Global Cooperatie Entrepreneurs Project (GCE)

The ICA-EU Partnership launched the Global Cooperative Entrepreneurs project (GCE), inspired by the success of Cooperatives Europe’s CoopStarter 2.0 Erasmus+ funded project. The underlying objective of the GCE project is to set up an experimental global community of Mentors, mutualize tools and resources and implement activities for cooperative entrepreneurship. The Mentors were drawn from ICA member organizations and other youth organizations.  From the Asia and Pacific region, five mentors were identified from three countries - Indonesia, India and Malaysia. The training took place from March 18 to 21 and was facilitated by Angela Colebrook (Head of Learning and Development) and Amanda Benson (Projects and Research Coordinator) from the Cooperative College of Manchester. 

Mr. Ivjyot Singh, Program Officer, ICA-EU Partnership Project shared his personal reflections on the training. To read further, click here: