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Go Green Campaign 2.0

Written by admin, 2019-05-07 09:53:50

The Go Green Campaign is an initiative of ICYC, started in 2018, to make youth from the Asia and Pacific region aware of the   threats posed by climate change and to take small steps to counter the effects by planting trees on International Mother Earth Day. The campaign showcases the role youth and cooperatives can play, through self-help and solidarity, in sustaining their environment.

The theme of this year’s Go Green Campaign 2.0 was, ‘Protect your Species’ through ethical planting. It was co-led by the ICYC and the ICA Africa Youth Network and carried from April 21 to 23. Over 200 youth from both the regions took part in the campaign. The campaign was preceded by an online workshop in which information was shared about the theme, use of banner, tool kit, and social media handles. The workshop was conducted by ICYC Chairperson, Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur and Ms. Hilda Ojal, President of ICA Africa Youth Network.