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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

Meeting & Workshop on Youth & Co-operatives

Written by Admin, 2019-02-06 10:03:56

Optimizing the presence of a large gathering of cooperators in Tehran, ICA-AP through its two regional committees on ‘youth cooperation’ (ICYC), and on ‘Co-operatives in Educational Institutions’ (ICEI), the ICA-EU Partnership on Co-operatives in Development (#Coops4Dev), and ICA-AP member organizations Rah-e-Roshd Co-operative Educational Complex and the national apex – Iran Chamber of Co-operatives, organized a Development Meeting & Joint Workshop on Youth and Co-operatives in Educational Institutions. The Workshop was held on November 26 on the theme ‘Building Resilience and Sustainability through the Fifth Co-operative Principle on Education, Information & Training at Barg-e-No campus, preceded by a visit to the Rah-e-Roshd Co-operative Educational Complex in Tehran.


This event was designed as a #Coops4Dev Activity 4.2 or (Thematic) Co-operative Development Meeting (CDM) which is to enhance networking among organizations active in co-operative development in the Asia Pacific. The CDM and workshop in Tehran was designed to gather interests & ideas of ICA members on youth cooperation in educational institutions in the region by addressing areas like policy frameworks, ownership & participation structures, new generation enterprises and youth employment.  ICA-AP previously organized three CDMs (one per sub-region of East Asia, South-East Asia, and the Arabic speaking States in the Middle East) on SDGs as the central theme, and the Asia Pacific Co-operative Development Conference on Building Multi-Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Development during year 2 of #Coops4Dev (March’17-February’18).

Please click here to read the fill report on the Workshop

Please click here to watch  a video of the Workshop.