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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

Co-Secretary Designate-Anis Saadah

Written by admin, 2018-01-17 10:45:14

Anis Saadah stands at the forefront of the Indonesian youth cooperative movement. She is spent the past four years to rebranding cooperative image and attract young people to involve in cooperative movement. Young people should be main driver to change the perspective of cooperative that is now as a place to saving and loan money, business problems and small business. Based on these problems, rebranding should be built effectively as a reputation machine Throughout her 5-year in coop, Anis has built a reputation for developing youth cooperative education , incubating new coop business models, and branding millennial cooperative. She also developed cooperative think tank through LSP2I (The Indonesian cooperatives development studies) To accomplish her mission she was in board structure of Indonesian Youth Cooperative Federation ( KOPINDO) and Kopkun ( consumer cooperative). Anis holds a bachelor�s degree in Public Administration. She also speaker on Youth Cooperative, Millennial Generation and Youth Issue Currently, she developing worker coop �PEDI Solution� a start-up marketplace based on Android. Along with four other young people, we dedicate our energy, creativity and innovation to society through cooperatives.