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Noor Shafeeza Zainuddin

Youth Asia-Pacific Malaysia

General Info:

My name is Noor Shafeeza Zainuddin. I was born on 29th June 1984 at one the north states in Malaysia (Perak Darul Ridzuan). I am proud to be born as a Muslim and my name were also given in Arabic words, which means “Light of My Parents”. I am the eldest from three of my siblings and the one and only daughter of the family. Moreover, I am so closed to my father yet love to do boyish activities such as jungle trekking, mount climbing and more due to influences from my brothers. My childhood was accordingly blessed. My parents start to mould me to love education since I was 5 years old. They keen to put me mingles around kids who are 2 years older than me, which love to read books and do kindergarten activities such as counting, colouring and singing. I had been enrolled into Mariavalle Kindergarten when I was 6 years old. I was then graduated from my primary school (Marian Convent) when I was 12 years old and a big transformation had been done when I was decided to be sent into two Religious Boarding Schools in Perak, which are Madrasah Idrisiah Kuala Kangsar and SMKA Sultan Azlan Shah Bota. The wide opportunities of studying and graduating from two religious schools for five years (Art Stream: Economics) had made me enable to pursuit my study at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in Economics and Science Management (Hons.). I have started my career in Implementation and Coordination Unit (under Prime Minister Office) – General Unit and was then been offered to hold the position of Tourism Officer at Tourism Malaysia Perak in 2006. Most of the interviewers love to subject my persona as a teacher or lecturer, including my colleagues. Indirectly, I also love to share and assist people in terms of any information. In transition of developing my career, I decide to be a trainer, which can develop my background of economics and management’s holder. I became a Training Officer at Cooperative College of Malaysia in 2007 and was attached to train cooperators in Sabah (Borneo). I was given the responsibility of teaching them accounting and business. In Sabah, I began to acquire a lot of knowledge and issues regards to cooperative as the English proverb saying: “To know is to Love”. Dealing with cooperators disregards of their ages, genders and backgrounds make me enjoy my work very much. I was then reassigned to be attached in International and Higher Education Centre, where my task became wider and ‘no borders’, since the scope of cooperative is not within the local anymore. I teach Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Malaysian Economics and Principle of Management to Diploma students (Diploma in Cooperative Management), and also been hand over to deal with international tasks such as attachments, MOUs, visits and more. Currently, I am also representing my country in becoming the ICA Youth Committee Member.



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