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ICA-AP Committee on Youth Co-operation

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Indira Panta

Member of ICA Asia and Pacific Committee on Youth Co-operation

General Info:

Hello! My name is Indira Panta (member of ICA Asia and Pacific Committee on Youth Co-operation) from Kathmandu, Nepal. By profession, I am a journalist, cooperator and a trainer. I have completed my M.A in political science. I am also the student of mass communication and journalism. I have been working as a journalist since last 15 years.

I entered the field of journalism through paper reporting. However, my main focus is in Audio-visual production. I have completed my training as a media person and journalist through different organization.

Meanwhile, as a resource person, I am involved in Cooperative Training Centre in which I especially focus on gender equality, women empowerment through cooperatives, Role of Cooperatives values and principles Kathmandu.

I have been playing a role of a bridge between the people and different stakeholder to collect the public voice and help reach towards the government authority and different stakeholder through minute report that I am preparing these days as a media person.Meanwhile, through the articles, audio-video reports and documentaries,I have been gathering and disseminating information and success stories regarding economic,social,cultural,political inclusion and transformation. I believe every people should know the importance of cooperatives and savings, so hopefully my report will provide information to every people towards this topic. My objective is to provide cooperative awareness through documentary and T.V programme.I have also prepared a report in the change in the people's life economically, culturally, socially and politically through cooperatives.I have visited different corners of the country along with various foreign countries to discussabout the different tools for the betterment and uplifting today's cooperatives with the help of media. Media makes me interact with people of all ages and the energy, enthusiasm and exposure of the youth of today is incomparable. They are assets for the nation as well as for the Cooperatives too. So,I have arranged Cooperative training programmes for the youths of today.

I work with an open mind to do the best possible.You, I, and all of us together can do something for the Youth, for the Cooperatives and for the Community at large.

National Agricultural Cooperative Centre Federation has nominated me for youth committee.


Kathmandu, Nepal


M.A in political science. I am also the student of mass commun

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I have worked as a Managing Director in Vision Sanchar Nepal Pvt. Ltd., I have been contributing myself as a Program producer, presenter and Coordinator in SahakariJagaran Program broadcasted through Nepal Television, and I am also the training coordinator of Climate Change, Agriculture, Food Security and Gender issues programme which is held in all 75 districts of Nepal. Likewise, I have organized a National level workshop on "Role of Cooperative in Socio economic development","Role of Stakeholders" to solve local Cooperative Issues, "Women Leadership Building in Cooperative Sector". Along with these, some of the other programs in which I have worked as an organizer are "Youth involvement in Cooperative Sector", "Cooperative in formal education","Women Empowerment through Cooperative Sector", "Tax system in Cooperative", "Prospective of political parties regarding Cooperative Movement", and many more.Nevertheless, the main motto of organizing these kinds of programs is to solve the problems and issues of the cooperative sector of the country.