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Role of Youth in Cooperative

Written by admin, 2015-04-23

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Role of Youth in Co-operatives

Today, ‘youth’ is at the heart of several movements’ and institutions’ development. The refreshing enthusiasm, energy that define young people is surely to transform the society. More than 65% of the global population is considered young and the time has come for the young to lead. The co-operative movement too stands to gain by promoting youth in its fold. 

Participation of youth in Co-operatives

Dakshinkali Municipality, situated in the southern part of Nepal and 18 Kms from capital Kathmandu, has a lot of potential in promoting its tourism.  About 26,444 live in this municipality with a presence of 62 co-operatives. For the past few years, the general economic situation as well as the co-operative movement of the municipality is growing steadily. Co-operatives here provide financial services and have banked a lot of residents. Many youths have been involved in the co-operative movement here and contribute through their innovativeness, enthusiasm and efficiency. Co-operatives here provide several kinds of vocational and job oriented trainings to its young affiliates. All the co-operatives are working hand in hand for mutual benefits of the society. As of now, co-operatives in Dakshinkali have  invested in Dairy, Bakery, Department Store, Agri-business. Due to active involvement of youth in co-operatives, employment opportunities have increased. Financial Literacy programmes have been launched in 16 schools by former ICYC member, Mrs. Indira Panta. Mr. Birendra Balami, the chairperson of Gopaleshwor Community Saving & Credit Co-operative and Mrs. Nirjala Shrestha, chairperson of Nityanath Saving and Credit Co-operative have played vital roles in bringing financial literacy programme to the youth and schools in this municipality. Students here have formed Student Saving Clubs in schools with the objective of enhancing student-led savings and financial literacy education. About 1850 students from 16 student saving clubs have already started daily saving and they've been involved in different educational and skill oriented activities like plantation of trees, Drawing on 'Green and Clean', cleaning programmes in temples and heritage sites etc. Youth oriented computer classes and health camps have been conducted through active involvement of student saving clubs. Besides, making the school students and youths responsible for the community, the coming together of youths on the co-operative platform, as well as the Principle of ‘Cooperation among Cooperatives’ can develop this municipality as an important tourism destination of Nepal through active participation of the youths. We're planning to introduce this place as a tourism centre with homestay program, Mr. Birendra Balami and local authorities are actively involved in this initiative. Watch this space for more!

Submitted by Ms. Sharmila Acharya (Manandhar)  from Nityanath Saving & Credit Co-operative Kathmandu, Nepal